Veyboard - Virtual Midi Keyboard / The missing keyboard for your DAW

Veyboard - Virtual Midi Keyboard

The missing keyboard for your DAW

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VeyBoard is a virtual MIDI keyboard for MacOS that lets you play your standard computer QWERTY keyboard like multi-octave MIDI keyboard. It makes it easy to play chromatically or in a specific keys, play chords and explore new harmonic progression. It gives you up to four octaves and half. Yes, everything without needing anything more than your standard computer keyboard!

VeyBoard offers six different layouts to adapt to your playing style and your needs. Some modes are more suitable to play melodies, others let you plays chords with only one finger, other again let you play chords with one hand and melodies with the other.

All the modes offer the possibility to select a specific scale or mode (think C Minor, or G# Dorian) and only play chords and notes belonging to that scale. Never play wrong notes by mistake anymore!

Everything you play with VeyBoard can be humanized right away, you can strum chords, activate the auto-inversion feature that would voice the chords you play for you in the most natural way and even customize the voicings of the chords, for instance spreading them across different octaves, doubling notes and so on.

VeyBoard works with any DAW (Logic, Ableton Live, Cubase, StudioOne, FL Studio, Pro Tools, Reason, Garage Band...).


VeyBoard on Mac


To know more about everything VeyBoard has to offer, what the introductory video and read the online help

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VeyBoard is now available on the App Store

Be sure to also check out our Ultimate Midi Pack It's only $3.99 for all the chords in pack (there are over 3000 of them!).

If you like the ideas behind VeyBoard and you own an iPad, you will love Chordez, our app that lets you play chords with only one finger and explore interesting and new harmonic progressions just like the unique Chord Explorer mode lets you do in Chordez!

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